Home buyers are all too often left in the dark and to fend for themselves when it comes to the home buying process.

They have thoughts about owning their DREAM home! Are in the market for a new home. Are First time Home buyers. And have no idea where to start or what the right questions are to ask.

One of the fantastic things about the Chris Hayes Team, is every second Tuesday of each month we will hold a Home Buyers Workshop! This workshop provides answers to all the questions so many have about buying a home.

There are guest speakers who come out to help answer these questions, like local lenders who can help with the prequalification process. Title companies, that help with the understanding of the contract to close process. And even Home inspectors, who inform buyers of what to expect and look for once they find a home!

Helping buyers know and understand what price range is available to them. As well as guiding buyers in the right direction, so they can get to where they need to be financially to get into the home they are looking for!

Giving a full understanding of how the contact to close process works, allows buyers to rest assured they are in good hands and all will be taken care of. Getting them to the closing date as quickly as possible!

Knowing what to expect during the inspection period allows for peace of mind when that inspection report comes in. It gives them a clearer understanding of what is needed to be inspected and why certain things may need to be repaired or replaced prior to going forward.

All of these individuals gather together to help educate buyers! Also letting them know, It CAN become a reality!

Attend our Home Buyers Workshop and let us help you get the right
answers! It’s absolutely FREE!!!